i am jack's complete lack of surprise

i'll stay awake; 'cause the dark's not taking prisoner's tonight.  followers roaming
You seem like a super chill guy and you're cuteee!

awe thanks b <3 i really appreciate it! :) you’re super sweet.

Hey Flynn! I know this is an outdated question for you, but which kind of binder would you recommend? I have an XS tri top from underworks but i find it really hurts under my arms, i have to put paper towel around the edges to survive the day! Haha.
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oh no worries at allllll … i actually hated the underworks binders and never used them. for me personally, i used T-Kingdom. they were velcro. i’d recommend a smaller size than they put on it because they do stretch. mine worked best just after it was washed and dried (aka when it shrunk) so that’s why i say that. but those ones were definitely my favourite because they didn’t hurt lol

I wanted it to be you. I wanted it to be you so badly.

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