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But what happens if you can't change what makes you suicidal. For example a mental illness that has been untreatable for years. Not everything can get better, so I feel like sometimes there's no real advice for someone who is suicidal. It's not always a matter of looking within yourself and changing your circumstances. Sometimes it's literally just out of your control. Which sucks. Because the thought of no solution is really uncomfortable. Anyways. I'm really sorry about your friend <3
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i understand what youre saying. i do. but respectfully; i disagree. you can always change it. it is always in your control, even when it feels like it isn’t.
i’m not on a pedestal here. i pride myself on being pretty philosophical by nature. existentialist, to be precise. ive questioned the meaning of life. is there a purpose? ive felt pain. ive felt low. ive thought of my hurt and how the only escape was to just end it all. i really have. but the key is that im not suicidal. because i understand that despite how bad it hurts sometimes, there is always a solution; even when it legit looks like there is none. i PROMISE YOU, there is. even if you cant see it yet, force yourself to be patient. what seems unbearable at the time will always only be temporary.
things go from bad to worse, from good to great, from great to bad.  etc etc. they always happen this way.  this is life. there is good and there is bad and everyone has on some scale experienced both.  i know this from experience.
i’m not saying mental illnesses dont exist that create hormonal deficiencies that create depressions, etc. but there IS a solution.  sometimes even talking to someone helps.
i guess my point is this: (and it’s taken 26 years of living to realize this):
this life that i have… this is my ONE life. do you know HOW circumstantial it is to be here, right now, typing this on a computer? all of the what ifs, all of the circumstances that easily could have made me not exist?  hell, 10,000,000 sperm from my dad came out and i was the result.  it is SO fragile. and yet we place significance on socialism and media and social interactions to weight our own happiness. we expect good things and we let the bad control us.  i’ll say personally: i dont give a shit about “the norm” or about socialism, or about what ppl think of me or how successful i am. i really dont.  i dont care if im popular or have friends or am well liked.  i dont.

what matters most is that i am here, RIGHT NOW, by what can only be described as a fluke.  and i am a big philosophical reader/student, and like i said, existentialist - so even if i believe my life is meaningless and question the purpose of existence, i FULLY and ADAMANTLY believe that it is a fucking GIFT to be here in my bed, typing this right now.

i do not disagree with the reasons ppl feel suicidal; every ONE individual is fighting their own battle. all i meant in my previous message was that i hope people have the courage to just say FUCK YOU to everything in this world that causes them unhappiness. that they can say fuck you to it all and live for themselves. live the way they want to. change their unhappiness into a sense of freedom and free will to know that whatever they choose to do is available to them. i don’t see any restrictions to this world if you want something badly enough….. you just need the courage to find it and make it your reality.

Dude I know this sounds weird but I'm a pre-t guy (not even came out) and I always try to stay positive but today I felt idk sad and I was thinking what if I commit suicide, I went to tumblr and the first thing on my dashboard was your post of your friend who took herself off, seriously thank you. Btw sorry por my english, I don't speak it very well
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"be stubborn about your goals but flexible about your methods." the best advice I’ve ever received.

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